Monday, December 23, 2013

mane tale

The song Bad Day by Daniel Powter is usually on my mind and my lips when I face the “mane” crisis (read: a bad hair day). Most of us face the “crazy hair” problem at least twice a week if not more. An unruly mane can turn your life into your worst nightmare. 

We have tried to manage it by tying our hair in a bun, pushing them back with a hair-band or hiding them under a cap. It’s a common problem faced by all of us. 

Every weather and season irks our poor locks in some cruel way. Summers make them sticky and wet while winters make them look dry, dull and lifeless. The worst are the rains that bring the frizz factor with them and have the power of making the person with the most amazing hair look like the curly haired guy from the popular 7-up commercial we all grew up watching.

Our stressed tresses fail to come to rest irrespective of the treatment they get. Be it a hot oil massage at home or a hair spa at the savviest salon in the neighbourhood.

Our hair can bring a mammoth change to our personality. We see celebrities all the time sporting different hair colour or a different cut to look fresh and different. They know the importance of beautiful hair to get that perfect look and hence take special care. We all wish to recharge our locks for that perfect cover page look.
A recharged, well managed mane has become essential to look well groomed at both your workplace and a friend’s party.

The newly wedded girls would hate to fritter away any time doing their hair on the honeymoon for the perfect pictures to be framed later. I, personally hated doing that..huh! You are out of the city for a trip; you leave all the worries behind for a change besides one, your hair. I would love to recharge my hair so that I can enjoy a trip without killing any time. 

I generally do not bother much about my hair when I go to work (read: I do not get sufficient time to do so). I end up tying them in a pony tail or a bun. When I need to go out I straighten them a bit or pamper myself with a blow dry. However, all this has lead to my hair looking like stale noodles. The split-ends shout out their own story.  

Two days back I had to go for a family dinner. I got back home late from work and knew that I will fall short of time to make them look all spruced up for the dinner. It was then, I realised that my hair are in dire need of rejuvenation.

The truth is that I would love to vaunt my dark hazel brown locks always, provided they look fresh and full of energy. There is no point flaunting my natural hair at work if they make me look like a roadside saint who asks for a penny in the name of god. 

I want to revitalise my hair to stop gazing at the clock and wondering if I will get enough time post work to do my hair for the evening. If my hair are full of life and look beautiful just the way they are I would look good all the time and would end up saving those precious thirty minutes that are generally wasted in straightening my hair.  The best part of it will be that my husband will stop blaming me for getting him late for a meeting or a party (besides my hair I take just ten minutes to get ready and I mean it!).

Also, if my hair are healthy it will be so much easier for me to try new ways to do my hair. A ruffled, mane makes it very hard to try a new look. And as I said earlier, a new style of hair can change your entire look.

Recharging my hair with a magic potion has all the possible power to recharge my life. Besides saving me some time, it will help me de-stress when it comes to my tresses. I will be able to show off my long locks at work and will not have to fret about them for a party in the evening. Will it fetch me compliments? Most definitely YES! And who doesn’t like being complimented?

I am sure that like me there are others who face similar problems everyday because of their ruffled mane. We all need some magic potion to re-energize our hair bringing them back to life, leaving our lives unruffled :p.



  1. Its like you are totally reading my mind ,
    I believe there is no season for hair , each one comes with its own baggage.
    Road side begger : p
    I had my friend call me that once.
    Our entries are namesake ,
    Well almost ,
    Had fun reading
    All the best !

    1. thank you disha...loved reading your post...all the best to you too...:)