Tuesday, October 15, 2013

coffee-oreo banana ice-cream

The other day while I was surfing the net, I came across an ice-cream recipe with literally and practically no cream and milk. The ingredients that the recipe required were lying in my kitchen, so I thought to give the recipe a try.

As the name suggests the recipe required banana, coffee and oreo biscuits. It was super quick and surprisingly easy.

Unlike a weekend, when I generally I try new things, the level of easiness of this recipe allowed me to try it on a weekday. It just required one little preparation; to freeze the over-ripened bananas a day before.  So on Thursday evening, after coming back from work, I gathered the ingredients in one place. First, I crushed the oreo biscuits and coffee powder in a mixer. The whiff of the grounded coffee oreo mix was simply amazing. Then I added the peeled frozen bananas to the mix and turned the mixer’s knob in full throttle. To not exhaust the mixer, I used it in intervals till the mixture was smooth.

Then, I poured this smooth paste like mix in a bowl and kept it in the freezer. After an hour I found my coffee oreo banana ice-cream ready. All I needed to do after that was scoop it out and garnish it with crushed almonds.

Yes! It is this easy :D


While my husband found it too bananaish (lol it was a banana ice-cream after all dear!) my father-in-law found the taste to be new and different. My sister-in-law, mother-in-law and I liked it a lot.

It is definitely a must try for all the banana lovers and even if you don’t like bananas you might not mind eating them in form of this yummy home-made ice-cream.

Here’s how to get your own scoop of coffee oreo banana ice-cream

Ingredients(for two scoops)
·         2-3 peeled over-ripe bananas
·         5-6 oreo biscuits
·         1.5 tbsp coffee powder
.     crushed almonds

Freeze the bananas for a day. The next day crush the oreo biscuits and coffee powder together. Add the peeled frozen bananas to it and grind the mix properly in the mixer till it forms a smooth paste. Use the mixer in small intervals. Once a smooth paste is formed, pour this mix in a bowl and freeze for an hour or two. Take it out of the freezer a few minutes before serving. Scoop it out, throw in some crushed almonds and serve!         

Note: You can aid the mixing by adding a spoonfull of milk, though I did not use any. You can increase or decrease the number of oreo biscuits as per your liking. The original recipe used 2 oreo biscuits; however I used 5 to get a more chocolaty taste. If you use 2-3 biscuits substitute the remaining 3 in this recipe with a table spoon of sugar to adjust the sweetness. You can also use cashews and walnuts to garnish.
coffee-oreo banana ice-cream


                                                                                                            Recipe source:veg bowl.in