Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Home-cooked Peri Peri Chicken

It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I am wondering why they didn’t tell the poor men that the same thing works for women too. I think my dearest husband realized the unsaid.  I am saying this because a fortnight back his cooking instinct suddenly became active and he decided to put on a chef's cap. He wanted to cook me a meal and not just any two-minute maggi meal (though that too is special in its own way).

We went grocery shopping, which is a chore my husband absolutely loves. He turns into a kid when he goes grocery shopping (believe me it is cute!). Since it was just the two of us at home that night, he decided to cook us some peri-peri grilled chicken (now stop drooling and read further ;)) and lord it was one of the yummiest home cooked meals I had had in ages!

So I thought why not share it with you all.

The dish is so simple to cook and is yet high on nutrition and flavor. You must try it yourself to experience what I am talking about.

Dear Men, 

Believe me this dish will make your respective wives sooooo happy! And it doesn't cost as much as diamonds ;)

ready in the pan

and on my plate!!!

To make your loved one and yourself a classic fulfilling meal follow the below mentioned.
Ingredients (serve 2)
2 chicken breasts
Nando’s peri-peri marinade
Nando’s peri-peri medium sauce
A handful of beans (roughly chopped)
5-6 mushrooms (roughly sliced)
A handful of cherry tomatoes
5-6 florets of broccoli
1 carrot (roughly cut into finger sized slices)
1 capsicum (roughly diced)
1 red bell pepper (roughly diced)
1 yellow bell pepper (roughly diced)
Little bit of fresh parsley
A few fresh basil leaves
Garlic bread
4 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Wash the chicken properly and prick it with a fork and then create cuts on all sides with a knife.

Marinate the chicken in Nando’s peri-peri marinade and leave for one hour (the longer the better).

Put a shallow pan on flame. Add olive oil to it.

Add the marinated chicken breasts to the pan. Cook for five minutes and then toss and let the other side cook. Add two tablespoons of peri-peri medium sauce and spread it over the chicken breasts.

Cover the pan for another few minutes to let the flavor seep in.

Take the lid off and keep cooking and tossing till both sides are golden brown and the flesh has turned white.

Transfer the chicken to a plate.

Add carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and beans to the same pan and cover for a while. The juices of chicken fat will add flavor to the veggies.

Take the lid off, toss the veggies and then add capsicum, cherry tomatoes red and yellow bell pepper.

Drizzle some salt, pepper and some peri-peri medium sauce onto the veggies.

Keep tossing till the veggies are tender and look caramelized.

Place the grilled chicken piece onto the veggies, shower it with fresh parsley and basil leaves and cover the pan for final two minutes.

Transfer the dish onto the plate. Slice a loaf of garlic bread, butter it generously and serve it on the side.

If you don’t want to splurge on the marinade, you can marinate the chicken with a dressing of lemon, salt and pepper and later add the peri-peri medium sauce for the flavor.

You can use as many veggies as you like. Babycorn, sweet corn, diced aubergines are just a few suggestions.

P.S.: Thank you dearest husband for cooking me such a hearty meal. BURP!!!

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