Friday, February 13, 2015

Still Confused what to buy your Valentine?

Hi! I know I have been on quite a sabbatical but now I am back. And since Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door I am sure a lot of you have already decided how to woo the love of your life, but for those of you who are still confused this post might just come to your rescue.

Now we all have our own wallets. The good news is that love sees no pocket. It can be expressed in many ways irrespective of how deep or shallow your pocket is. Even words are enough and they cost nothing! 

Ideas for HIM

Gadgets: If you are willing to spend, his favourite gadget will just be the perfect gift for him. Don’t blame me if he concentrates more on the gadget than you once he receives the gift. After all, men will be men!

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Skincare Products: The men these days love to keep themselves well groomed. Make him a hamper of products like a body scrub, moisturiser, a roll-on and so on. Marks & Spencer has some good options.

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Tie/Cufflinks: Accessories are a wonderful idea to gift your man. They like them as much as we do. 

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Books: If you are lucky to have found a man who loves reading, gift him a book and he will be happy!

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Boxers: If you are the naughty types, buy your man a pair of boxers you would love to see him in. Don’t worry you are not being selfish.  Most men would happily spend their lives in a pair of boxers.

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Fan Club Merchandise: If your man follows a certain football club or team religiously buy him its merchandise.

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Bake him a cake/ Cook a meal: These conventional ideas still work wonders since the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook him his favourite dish or bake him a cake or cupcakes. Just present them creatively. You can arrange a low seating with some fresh flowers and candles in one corner of your house and serve it then. Also, you can set a table for two in the balcony with some low lighting. I baked these strawberry cupcakes last valentine's for my dear husband.

Toys: Yes, you are reading it right, so stop reading it over and over again. All men are kids at heart. They love remote control cars and helicopters. If they haven’t mentioned it you ever, you can give this idea a miss. But from my experience I think they will love it!

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Words: If you do not have the time to go buy a gift make him a greeting card and write what you feel for him. There is nothing more honest than true feelings put down on paper.

There are other ideas like buying him cologne, a cardigan or a watch but I am sure these ideas must have already struck you which is why you are reading this post.

Ideas for HER

While flowers, chocolates and perfumes are popular options following are a few ideas you can use.

Books: This one is common for the two of you. If she likes reading get her books with a nice bookmark and she will be happy. There are customised bookmarks available online. You can get her one with her name on it.

Gadgets: Again, only if you are willing to spend and you know that you girl is planning to buy a new gadget, be it a mobile phone or a tab; this is the time to empty your pocket.

Accessories: Accessories have made gifting too easy for men (LOL). There is a wide variety of things you can buy for her ranging from bags, belts and scarves to hats and brooches.

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Jewellery: Well this is one option that never goes out of vogue. You can buy her diamonds if you like but if you are not willing to spend a fortune, there are designer options available in the market. You can always go online and order her a pair of earrings or a hand cuff. Girls love jewellery in all forms and shapes (*wicked smile*).  

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Bake a cake/Cook a meal: Like she woos your tummy, you too can woo her taste buds. If you do not have a chef instinct in you, do not fret! You can always book a table at her favourite restaurant and spend the evening there. She won’t complain.

Lingerie: Now, gifting this won’t just please her but you too. It’s a win-win gift. (*smirk*)

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Pamper-Hamper: Pamper your girl with a hamper that consists of body butter, moisturisers and scrubs and body mists. Girls love such things. Body Shop and Forest Essentials will surely be your answered prayer.

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Balloons: If your girl is a hopeless romantic like me, she would not mind you stealing the “heart balloons” idea from the movie, DIL TOH PAGAL HAI. Fill her room with heart-shaped helium balloons with notes attached to the strings. She will LOUUUVVEEEE it! Girls you can do this for your man too. He will feel overwhelmed and he won’t say it but he will love it too.

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 Words: Last but not the least, expressing your feelings on a plain piece of paper will also mean a lot to your partner. If you do not have a creative bend, buy a greeting card and write simply what she means to you.

You can put her favourite love songs on a pen drive and give it to her. Such a gift will always remind him/her of you while he/she is driving or even otherwise. You can also gift a DVD of an evergreen romantic movic like Notting Hill or The Notebook and watch it together in the comfort of your bedroom one weekend. The list of ideas is endless but i hope these few help you this year.

While some people do not believe in celebrating V-Day and find it over hyped, I will just say that look at it as just another opportunity to tell your partner what he/she means to you. Life is too short and too uncertain; make the ones who matter feel special.

If you have more ideas that can be helpful do share it with us and our readers :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S.: Dear husband, just incase you read this post take a cue :p


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