Monday, November 3, 2014

One Day FEEL LIGHT Routine

Wow! So as I write this I do realise that it has been QUITE SOMETIME since I last wrote something in my little diary, but you can’t blame me. October was so festive starting with card parties to celebrating the biggest festival in the country. Plus the number of birthdays in my sweet little family all fall together and occupy half of my November too! Infact it has been so happening that for a few nights I found myself repeating the dialogue from the movie Jab We Met “babaji ab is night ko thoda boring banado”.  

Anyway I am not going to crib because it was all too much fun. From playing dress-up for every party to celebrating the birthdays it has all been lovely. BUT, the eating out and eating in loads and eating all fried and eating all sweet that comes complimentary with this time does take a toll. And I am sure post Diwali bickering most of you would agree with me on this.

So in today’s post I will tell you a few simple things that you can follow to feel lighter and better not just after Diwali but after any eating spree. I follow this routine myself after a  heavy day of eating out; you can accommodate the tips as per your own body since you know it better J. You just need to follow it the day after you’ve hogged. My husband has found a silly moniker for this day and he calls it “THE AFSOS DAY” which means the day of regret LOL. But believe me it is not like I will suggest you to not eat and drink. It is a tried and tested one day routine which includes food! And it works beautifully.

Lots of Warm Water: After a heavy meal if you have just a tad bit of energy before hitting the sack, have a cup of plain warm better. It will do wonders! Even the next day try having a few cups of warm water between your meals.

Green Tea: After a night of binging start the morning with a cup of green tea. If you are not fond of green tea and haven’t acquired the taste yet, go for the conventional choice, a cup of lukewarm water with juice of one lemon and honey as per taste. It is just as good. 
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Breakfast: DO NOT skip your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. Opt for healthier options like muesli with milk or yoghurt, oats, or a toast but DO EAT.
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Lunch: You can totally skip your chapati/bread and rice for a day for lunch. Have a portion of sabji(vegetables) or dal (pulses) with curd and salad and you will be fine and your stomach very happy.

Smaller Meals but More Meals: This is a suggestion not just for a day, but for every day. Before lunch have a portion of fruits since they are not just healthy but will also work for your metabolism. Post lunch and before dinner have something healthy like almonds to keep the hunger at bay.
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Replace Roz ki Chai/Coffee with a Cup of Green Tea: I am sure you love your cup of evening tea or coffee. But just for a day replace it with a cup of green tea or warm water. 

Dinner: Finish your day with an early dinner of veggies for dinner with some salad and skip the bread and rice. You can also opt for a clear soup and some salad. If you cannot do without your dessert for a day have some dark chocolate to satiate the sweet cravings.

If you follow these simple and not so difficult tips you will feel way lighter and way better and the next day you can eat your bread and rice normally. It is just a matter of one day but it makes a lot of difference to your body.

If you have some healthy tips to feel better after a crazy day of eating junk do share it with our readers on our blog or facebook page (

P.S.: I am celebrating THE AFSOS DAY today.

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