Monday, September 15, 2014

Yummy Oats with a Twist

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While I have always loved oats when it comes to choosing an option from usual the breakfast menu, like my dear husband many people are averse to the idea of choosing this healthy option for the first meal of the day.

Some do not like the taste and the others are strictly against it plainly because it is healthy! (Count my husband in the latter category *eyes rolling*)

But there are many of these people who are willing to try oats provided they taste better. While there are many variants and flavours already available in the market none has stood upto my expectation. So in this post I am going to share some quick and easy twists that you can apply to your oats and I bet they will be no less than a treat. All these options are sweet and I mean sweet literally LOL.

Imagine getting to have a dessert for breakfast that too super healthy; now that will definitely make your dull mornings suuuuuwwwweeeeettt! 

Plus the kids will like it too. Serve it in a colourful bowl garnished with some sprinkles and they will be more than happy to have it.

Pick one of these to enjoy a yummy treat to kick start your day on a healthy high note. 

Spice Spice Baby(Cinnamon oats): Cook the regular oats as per the instructions on the packet (generally it is mixing oats and milk and bringing it to a boil till oats look soft and cooked). Now add some ground cinnamon to it and stir it well. Take it off the flame. Add honey as per taste and have it with thinly sliced apples. Yummy! You can serve this hot or cook the oats at night and refrigerate to have them chilled in the morning. 

Desi Love (Cardamom): Cardamom is the king of flavours when it comes to Indian desserts. Add crushed cardamom to oats and you will make yourself a healthy kheer. Serving hot or cold is again upto you. 

Berrylicious ( Strawberry Oats ): I suggest this flavour to be served cold. So cook your oats and let them come to room temperature. Once cool, add some strawberry crush to it and mix well. If strawberries are available in the market add them to the oats and chill overnight to enjoy a yummy breakfast the next morning. You can always use other crushes if you don't have the strawberry one. Also you can add some water to strawberry jam and heat it a little. Once it has cooled down you can add this syrup to the oats as a substitute for the crush. 

Nutty Hazelnut: Now who doesn't like Nutella. And while Nutella comes under cheat foods, it is believed that anything in moderation will do you no harm, especially a spoon or two of Nutella. So prepare your oats. Take them off the flame and add a spoon or two of Nutella while they are still hot. If it is not too sweet add honey or demerara to it to suit your taste buds. Add chopped walnuts to them for an added texture and crunch. Refrigerate them and enjoy the chilled version in the morning. 

Choco Love: Cook oats and take them off the flame. Add a spoonful of cocoa powder and honey as per taste. Enjoy them hot or chilled. You can also substitute the cocoa and honey with a few pieces of 70% dark chocolate ( just FYI Lindt is pulling out of India  *sob sob*).

Tutti-Frutti Vanilla: Cook oats and then take them off the flame. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to them and some honey and your breakfast is ready to be devoured. While I enjoy the warm version, the chilled version is extraordinary. It is like having a pudding for breakfast. You can add nuts, raisins and tutti frutti for an added flavour and texture.

Rosey Oats: After cooking your oats, take them off the flame and let them cool. Add a spoonful of rose syrup easily available in the market and refrigerate. Enjoy once chilled.

Coffee: Most of us cannot imagine our lives without a cup of coffee. This one ingredient can give a beautiful flavour to your oats too and will save you the cup for later in the day. Add some coffee and demerara to your oats and enjoy them hot or chilled.

You can always add your own ideas to these options. Shredded coconut will taste great too if added. Use your imagination and make your oats exclusive in your own way. If you try these flavours do share your experience or leave a message. 

P.S.: The chilled versions will give you a wholesome meal and will save you some time to sit and eat in peace contrary to your otherwise hustling bustling  mornings. 


  1. Hey ankita!! Its always grt to go thru ur blog specially this one...I no these r reeeally simple recipes but I wonder how it never came to my mind...neways grt going...n thank u so much...luking frwd to read more of ur posts:)

    1. thank you so much asha. Do share your experience when u add these simple twists to your regular oats :)