Friday, January 31, 2014

mark your book your way!

I was cleaning my room yesterday and came across the wedding card of a friend. It was sitting in the shelf for reference just in case we wanted to confirm the date or the venue as the wedding came closer. We were done with the wedding and so the card was no longer required.

The very moment I was about to discard it my eyes fell on the book that I am reading these days. To mark the last read page I had used a tissue paper that was slipped inside the book. That sure made my otherwise bright coloured book look dull and shabby.

Then the idea struck me. The wedding card was undoubtedly pretty. So I asked myself “why not recycle and reuse it?”
That ways I will also get myself a new pretty looking bookmark without actually spending a penny. I glued the translucent paper which had an intricate golden print (part of the wedding card) to the plain white sheet of the card. I drew two straight lines on the plain side and then cut it with a pair of scissors. 

I had a few golden paper leaves from some previous occasion feeling lost in my drawer. I decided to put them also to some use. I stuck the leaves on top of the translucent sheet. The leaves made the entire thing look grand.

I ferreted through my stationary drawer and finally found what I was looking for; a punching machine. Yes, I needed a punching machine to give my bookmark the final touches. I made a hole through the paper on the bottom-right corner of the sheet. I borrowed a small piece of golden ribbon from my sister-in-law (luckily she had an entire roll of it) and tied it around the hole. And tadaaaa! My recycled beautiful bookmark was ready: D. 

There are so many ideas that I have for a bookmark but this suited me the best when it came to convenience and the availability of material required to make it.

You can also make yourself such amazing bookmarks. They hardly take any time and effort. You do not have to specially go shopping for the sheets and decorative stickers. Just look around the house for the waste material sitting there idly and doing nothing but occupying space (and I bet you will find a lot!).

You can use newspapers, fabric, loose buttons, paint and so much more. Just use your imagination and create your own personalized bookmark.

These bookmarks will make a special gift for the near and dear ones, since you can always pen down a message on the other side of it. 

my new bookmark :D

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